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Get your exclusive tickets for the 14th Panchajanyam International Film Festival

Step into a world of cinematic wonder at the much-anticipated 14th Panchajanyam International Film Festival, set against the backdrop of the charming town of Chittur in Palakkad. Immerse yourself in an unparalleled celebration of cinema, where 50 feature films, 20 documentaries, and 30 short films from across the globe take centre stage.

This annual extravaganza goes beyond the ordinary, offering not just a visual treat but also a platform for meaningful engagement. Explore the magic of storytelling and filmmaking through open forums and discussions, providing a space for cinephiles, industry experts, and filmmakers to connect and exchange ideas.

Secure your spot by booking tickets through the official ticketing partner, Ticmint, and immerse yourself in an unforgettable cinematic experience in the serene setting of Chittur. Whether you’re a seasoned film enthusiast or a casual viewer, these forums promise to elevate your understanding of the art and craft of cinema.

Join us in celebrating the power of storytelling, the enchantment of the moving image, and the mastery of filmmaking at the 14th Panchajanyam International Film Festival. This is more than just a film showcase; it’s a journey into diverse narratives that shape our world. Seize the opportunity to be part of this extraordinary experience—book your tickets today and embark on a sensory feast that transcends the boundaries of cinema.

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