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Immerse Yourself: The Top Interactive Art Installations at London’s Festivals

Image Source – https://secretldn.com/delight-art-exhibition-london/

London’s vibrant art scene comes to life each year through a myriad of festivals celebrating creativity, innovation, and expression. From contemporary art exhibitions to immersive installations, these art festivals in London showcase the diversity and talent of artists from around the world.

It is not just any old gallery or institution that is having sell-out shows. From free multisensory experiences to Instagrammable rooms to disruptive displays highlighting great artists, here is a list of the best immersive art exhibitions in London in 2024 that you won’t want to miss.

1. Frameless Exhibition London

    When you want to see an entire gallery of immersive art, Frameless London is your best option. There are lots of sites to see here, with works by great artists like Klimt, Monet, Rousseau, and others shown throughout numerous rooms. Motion sensors modify the artwork as you pass, and the themed settings span from abstract to surrealism, as well as landscapes blended with cityscapes.

    2. Van Gogh Exhibit: The Immersive Experience

    This tribute to the great painter is stunning, allowing you to step inside some of the world’s most famous paintings (well, not literally). You’ll start with video footage and an exhibition of Van Gogh’s most famous works, such as the Sunflower series, before learning about his life in the Netherlands and France. Finish your adventure with projections of The Starry Night, The Yellow House, and more – this Van Gogh Immersive experience will show you all of the iconic masterpieces like you’ve never seen before.

    3. Delight: Media Art Exhibition

    Delight is the ultimate metropolis of interactive art, guaranteeing you the opportunity to explore 25 immersive installations that will enable you to see Seoul without leaving London. Artists, designers, engineers, and storytellers have collaborated to build chambers with lit lanterns, fabled forests where the Gods live, and much more in a cultural and technological fusion.

    4. Bubble Planet: An Immersive Experience

    Forget about your typical bubble bath or wand; Bubble Planet ensures that you get the most out of this spherical delight. This interactive display, which includes colorful infinity rooms with light-up spheres, gigantic ball pits, inflatable playgrounds, virtual reality, and even a hot air balloon simulator, attempts to stimulate all five senses.

    5. Disney 100: The Exhibition

     The ‘ultimate museum’ dedicated to the renowned animation studio, Disney 100: The Exhibition includes 250 rare artifacts, artworks, costumes, sets, and mementos that may be examined through a surreal exhibition of nostalgia and childlike enthusiasm. In addition, there will be ten thematic galleries displaying classics like Snow White and modern flicks like Encanto, as well as interactive Mickey and Minnie Mouse artworks by renowned British artist Dominic Harris.

    These interactive art installations represent just a glimpse of the rich tapestry of creativity that unfolds at the art festivals in London. From immersive light displays to thought-provoking architectural interventions, these installations invite audiences to engage with art in new and meaningful ways, fostering connection, curiosity, and collective experiences.

    As London continues to evolve as a global hub for art and culture, its festivals serve as dynamic platforms for artists to push boundaries, spark conversations, and inspire change. Whether you are a seasoned art enthusiast or a curious explorer, art festivals in London offer endless opportunities to immerse yourself in the transformative power of art. Join the journey and discover the magic of interactive art installations at London’s festivals.

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