One-stop destination for buying, selling and trading NFT tickets

Go beyond the barcodes with Ticstop - buy, sell and resell event tickets as NFTs and get complete control over your event tickets in the secondary market

Ticstop is the one-stop destination for buying, selling, and collecting tickets.

Tickets on Ticstop are in the form digital media recorded on the blockchain, making them easily traded as digital collectables and memorabilia from your favourite events.

Intended Users: The end users, event-goers, and fans

Lifetime Revenue

Enable additional revenue streams for the stakeholders through royalties on secondary market trading and the expanding realm of digital collectibles.

Transparent and Traceable

With Blockchain, a distributed ledger technology, ticket activities and transactions can be easily monitored and tracked.

Sell tickets safely in secondary market

Be a universal source of truth for data and generate consolidated reports. Unified QR code for easy ticket verification.

Take Control

Utilising smart contracts allows you to manage secondary market trading with predefined conditions set by you.

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