Empowering your Platform with NFT Ticketing

Seamlessly integrate Ticbolt into your existing platform to unlock the full potential of Web3 ticketing and gain access to Ticstop, our secure secondary marketplace.

Unlock the full potential of Web3 Ticketing

By utilizing the power of Web3 technologies, Ticbolt ensures trust, security and accessibility in ticketing, enhancing the experience for everyone involved

Intended Users: Existing Ticketing Platforms

Authenticity and Security

TicBolt is designed to protect fans from ticket scalping, fraud and the inflation of secondary market prices.

Your tickets. Your rules

Utilising smart contracts allows you to manage secondary market trading with predefined conditions set by you.

Transparent and Traceable

With us, you can trust that your tickets are fairly priced.

Lifetime Revenue

NFT tickets enable trusted and secured transactions to create a safe and transparent environment for fans to sell their tickets fairly.

Save Cost and Time

Streamline ticketing operations and eliminate manual processes with our efficient blockchain-powered platform.

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