Next Generation NFT Ticketing Powered by Blockchain

NFT Ticketing Platform

Inclusive Growth​

Next generation ticketing platform to manage your entire event lifecycle, from registration to access control and beyond. Elevate customer engagement by creating transparent, trusted, and secured events while fostering inclusive growth through responsible use of advanced technology.

NFT Ticketing

Transparency and Immutability

Our NFT ticketing solution is recorded on a decentralized blockchain, ensuring transparency and immutability. It effectively prevents bulk ticket purchases and the inflation of secondary market prices. With us, you can trust that your tickets are fairly priced.

Lifetime revenue powered by Smart contract

Ensure a steady stream of revenue through NFT ticketing, covering both initial sales and subsequent transactions in secondary markets, as well as the ever-growing domain of Digital Collectibles.

Smart Contracts
Blockchain Ticketing

Ownership and Security

Blockchain provides a clear, public record of verifiable data, including ticket ownership and transaction history. This empowers the buyer with genuine ownership rights.

​​Add NFT ticketing on top of your existing operations and get all benefits of Web3

Why Ticmint NFT Ticketing?

Primary & Secondary Markets

Attain complete control over ticket sales in both primary and secondary markets, optimizing strategies, maximizing revenue, and reducing fraud risks.

Fan Engagement and Collectibility

NFT tickets can be designed with unique artwork, animations and interactive features, creating a sense of exclusivity and collectibility for fans.

Exclusive Community Access

Enable exclusive communities to host events by utilizing token-gating and invite-only functionalities.

Anti-Fraud Measures

Each blockchain ticket has a unique identifier, making them immune to replication or forgery, effectively mitigating scalping risks.

Traceability and Data Analytics

The blockchain records every transaction, offering valuable data insights on attendee demographics, event trends, and aiding informed marketing decisions.

Enhanced Security

Blockchain’s cryptographic protocols make NFT ticketing highly secure, protecting both the ticket holder’s and the event organizer’s data.

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